Good News: Ten Projects of Our School Have Been Approved of as the Employment and Education Project of the Student Department of the Ministry of Education

Publisher:英文站Release Time:2022-05-15Number Of Visits:10

  Recently, the Student Department of the Ministry of Education issued the announcement of First Phase List of Employment and Education Projects on Supply and Demand Matching.  10 projects of our school have been approved of.

  After the release of the employment and education project guidelines of the Ministry of Education, the Employment Office of our school seized the opportunity to fully support the projects application. In the end, 6 targeted talent training projects and 4 employment practice base projects were approved of by the Ministry of Education. The success will actively promote the work of talent supply-demand, create the better environment of employment and education, and promote higher-quality employment of graduates.

  In the future, the Employment Office will reach out to the employers, improve the process management, build the project cooperation, and implement the employment education projects, laying a solid foundation for further enhancing students' career competence.

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