Good News: Our School Was Awarded "A-class College in Quantitative Assessment of Employment of College Graduates in 2021"

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Recently, Jiangsu Education Department has issued the Circular on the Quantitative Supervision of Employment of College Graduates in 2021 (Su Teaching Letter [2022] No. 6), and our school has been awarded the title of A-class College in Quantitative Assessment of Employment of College Graduates in 2021.

In 2021, under the circumstance of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, our school adhered to the working concept of employment means the livelihood and made every effort for the employment of the graduates. Throughout the year, there were 4 online and offline large job fairs, 20 online recruitment meetings, and 655 companies and organizations entering our “91 job intelligent employment platform”, which provided more than 40,000 job opportunities and guaranteed sufficient jobs for the graduates. Our school adopted the mechanism of enrollment-cultivation-employment, and set up “Jiangsu Career Education Demonstration Base. Through the efforts of the whole school, the employment rate of our graduates in 2021 reached up to 98.15%, which was the highest in the province.

In the future, our school will take this assessment as an opportunity to continuously strengthen the organizational leadership, to improve the working mechanism, to perfect the assessment system, and to make continuous efforts in the aspects of employment work.

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