The 13th Reading Festival of Our School Began on the Internet

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On 23rd Aprilalso the day of the 27th World Reading Day, the 13th Reading Festival of our school began. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the opening ceremony of the 13th Reading Festival was held online and the theme was Reading in the Cloud, Empowering the Future. More than 5,300 teachers and students participated in the opening ceremony online which was hosted by Liu Yanfei, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Library and Archives in our school.

At the opening ceremony, teachers and students first watched the Video Collection of Previous Reading Festival Activities and recalled the wonderful moments of the past 12 Reading Festival activities. Library curator Chen Jun delivered the opening speech. On behalf of the library, he welcomed all the teachers and students who were all over the campus, gathered on the WeChat and actively participated in the opening ceremony of the Reading Festival. He expressed gratitude to the co-organizers who provided help and support for the Reading Festival. He pointed out that the original intention of holding this festival was the same as before, and the festival adhered to the guidelines of specific themes, focusing on practical results and taking innovation into account . He emphasized that under the current epidemic circumstance, people needed to gain wisdom and strength from reading.

  Yuan Jiali, Director of the Reader Service Office, introduced the specific event arrangements. Luo Rong, a student from the major of Exhibition Planning, delivered a speech as a representative of outstanding readers.

Professor Miao Keyin, the Vice Principal of our school, expressed greetings on the Internet. He congratulated on the successful organization of the 13th Reading Festival and wished the reading festival a complete success. He encouraged teachers and students to enjoy the spring through reading on the days when the campus was under lockdown due to the epidemic. Finally, he announced the official opening of the 13th Reading Festival of Jiangsu Maritime Institute.

After the opening ceremony, teachers and students listened online to Mr. Tu Mengshan's lecture about How to cultivate lifelong reading ability.

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