Principal Wan Jian Led the Team to Gree Group (Nanjing) Co.,Ltd. for Research and Exchanges

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  On the morning of April 29, Principal Wan Jian led a team to Gree Group (Nanjing) Co.,Ltd. for investigation and exchange, accompanied by Tian Naiqing, the Vice Principal of the school, and relevant leaders of the Admissions and Employment Office, the Science and Technology Office, the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and other departments. They attended the exchange meeting with General Manager Wu Yangjun of Gree Group (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., Director of the General Manager's Office Zhang Bin, Deputy Director Zhang Liping, Director of Human Resources Wang Jinke and two outstanding graduates of our school.

  Accompanied by Wu Yangjun, the leaders of our school visited the two branch factories, the final assembly branch and the company's science and technology exhibition hall.

At the exchange meeting, Wu Yangjun extended a warm welcome to the school's visit and research, and made a brief introduction of the development history of Nanjing Gree, its corporate culture, entrepreneurial spirit, talent training, and employment strategies. At the same time, He hoped that the school and enterprise could establish a closer relationship in the future, and jointly promoted school-enterprise cooperation in project development and talent training innovation.

  Wan Jian gave a detailed introduction of the school's achievements and development goals in recent years, especially in the innovation of education and construction of majors, personnel training, scientific research, and social services. He mentioned that the new vocational education law would come into effect on May 1, which meant higher requirements for the integration of industry and education. He hoped that both the school and the enterprise would seize the opportunity to build deeper, wider, higher-level pragmatic cooperation in internships, employment, scientific research, cultural exchanges, curriculum co-construction, and teacher training.

  Afterwards, the participants had in-depth exchanges on the modern apprenticeship program, curriculum reform, construction of teacher studios, co-construction of R&D platforms, employment and entrepreneurship, and project declaration. Finally, they reached consensus.

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