Deng Hua, Teacher from Our School Returned from the Antarctic Scientific Expedition

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The 38th Chinese Antarctic Expedition Team successfully completed the scientific expedition mission and returned to Shanghai on April 20, 2022. Deng Hua, a teacher from School of Navigation Technology of our school, returned with honor on the scientific research ship Xuelong 2 with the expedition team.

The Antarctic expedition mainly focused on addressing global climate change and other issues. The expedition team carried out scientific investigations of hydrometeorology and ecological environment, and implemented operational observation tasks of the Antarctic Ocean. Deng Hua participated in the whole process of the Antarctic scientific expedition, using his professional knowledge of navigation and dynamic positioning manipulation to serve as the assistant pilot and dynamic positioning operator of the Xuelong 2 ship. With his proficient skills, Deng Hua worked with the team members to break the ice and precisely controlled the ship's position, to provide navigation safety for the polar marine scientific expedition and shore-based expedition.

  Among the team members of this Antarctic expedition, there were also graduate Chen Wu of the year 2008 and graduate Chen Yinchu of the year 2019 from our school.

  It was reported that in this Antarctic scientific expedition, Xuelong 2 had a cumulative voyage of about 31,000 nautical miles and a voyage time of 3,200 hours, including more than 1,300 nautical miles in poor visibility and more than 1,600 nautical miles in ice areas. It crossed the westerly belt four times and the voyage lasted for 149 days.

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