Good News: Teachers of Our School Achieved Great Success in 2021 Jiangsu Vocational Skills Competition for Seamen

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On July 12, Liu Changhua and Chen Liuyuan, teachers from School of Navigation Technology, won the second and the fifth place separately in the Marine Seamanship Program in Jiangsu Vocational Skills Competition for Seamen in 2021 hosted by Jiangsu Maritime Safety Administration and the Provincial Department of Transport. Bao Hengliang, Zhang Dongfang and Zuo Caibao, teachers from School of Marine Electrical and Intelligent Engineering won the first, the second and the fourth place separately in the Marine Engineering Program. Based on the regulations of the competition committee, these five teachers would be recommended to apply for the title of Technical Expert of Jiangsu Province.

The participant teachers of our school fully prepared for the competition, strived for the success, and showed their skills and abilities during the process. It was on display through their performance that our school always pursues to cultivate talents of professional skills and quality.

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